Flu and Post Nasal Drip

 There are a few things that happens to me that I absolutely dislike. That is to be hit by flu. Somehow it happens to me almost every 'cold' seasons or spells which coincide with rain in the evening. It is already hot over here almost the whole year round.Somehow, in the month of March onwards, it seems to enjoy a spell of rainy evening and temperature could be a bit more cool compared to the rest of the year.

My problem is of course with the flu like symptom that I have, especially PND which causes the mucus from nose to flow at the back of my throat causing crazy itch on my throat that I'll cough whenever I try to talk. This will continue for months and I have yet to find the perfect cure for it. I have tried numerous stuff but below is a list of pointers for those who have the same problem as I do
1. Do not take milk or milk derived substance (as it causes the gathering of mucus on throat and cause to cough more)
2. Do not take cough drop as it causes you to cough more
3. Do not expose to further air conditioning. Keep warm.
4. Drink more water, have more ginger and anything that reduce the mucus creation. Clarinase being a good anti histamine to start with, but you can't just consume it all the time.
5. Rest well.

If you have anyway to get me out of my pain, do let me know.

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